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Your family is unique. You need an insurance agent who understands that.

Something as important as securing your family’s financial future shouldn’t be something done online. Computers don’t understand people. People understand people. Your hometown insurance agent lives and works in the same community as you and understands what makes your family special. Call your local agent now!

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5 Things You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance

Everything you know about life insurance is probably wrong. We've found 5 things no one may have ever told you about life insurance (but probably should have!)

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Kiesewetter Life Insurance Products

  • Term Life Insurance Term Life Insurance Term life insurance offers an affordable way to obtain the protection that you need for a set period of time. This type of insurance coverage can provide way to ensure that the balance of a home mortgage is paid for survivors, and / or that other fin...
  • Whole Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance coverage that offers a fixed amount of protection, as well as a cash value component where the funds inside the policy can grow and compound on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Universal Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance Universal life insurance offers financial protection for loved ones and survivors, as well as a way to build up cash value. These policies are considered to be quite flexible, as the policy holder can typically alter the timing and the amount of the ...
  • Children's Life Insurance Children's Life Insurance While nobody ever wants to consider the passing of a child, unfortunately unanticipated accidents and illness can occur. Children's life insurance can provide financial protection during an already difficult time. But this type of coverage can also b...
  • No Medical Exam Life Insurance No Medical Exam Life Insurance If you have certain medical issues, or you work in an occupation that is considered to be "risky," then a no medical exam life insurance policy may provide you with an avenue to obtain the protection you need for loved ones, but without having to und...
  • Guaranteed Issue Guaranteed Issue A guaranteed issue life insurance policy can provide those who have certain health issues - including some serious conditions - to obtain the protection that they need...even if they have been turned down in the past for traditionally underwritten ...



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Why Choose Us?


We Put You First

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach because life insurance is personal, and your needs are as unique as you are. At our agency, our life insurance agents take time to fully understand your personal goals, your family’s needs and your unique financial situation, now and into the future. Taking the time to get to know you means you’ll have peace of mind and security for your family, as well as an insurance plan that meets your unique needs.


We’re Independent

We work with a variety of life insurance carriers, which means you have an advantage in terms of selection, price, quality and the type of plans that can meet your needs. Insurance carriers are not all the same and life insurance isn’t merely whole life or term. There are more options than you think, and our experts can explain your options and help you find a plan that will cover your family for the level of comfort that you need.


We’re Local

Kiesewetter Insurance Agency, LLC has been a part of the Farmington, IL community since 1976.  As a full service, independent agency, we can help you with all your insurance needs including life insurance, home and auto insurance, health insurance and coverage for your business.   
We represent our clients first and foremost, and will help you choose a life insurance policy that provides the right amount of coverage for you and your family, at a price that works within your family’s budget.

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